2020 Calendar

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Just few weeks left to finish 2019 and finally our 2020 Calendar is available on the online store. Lately we had busy times and schedule is bit tight but you still have time to receive it before 2020 starts!
We hope you like our proposal :)

2020 is the year of the Mouse in Japan and it is said to bring prosperity to descendants.
This year we have changed the design but kept the essence.

Seasonal illustrations for each month, inspired by rural life in Catalonia.
✯ We combine the symbolism of the Japanese zodiac with local traditions.
✯ It features 13 prints Yoko has specially designed to tell you a story or read you a poetry month by month.
✯ Originals printed with the traditional Japanese technique Bingata on cotton fabric.
Made with love in our workshop & looking forward to bring you a positive and joyful Uraraka style.

✯ Made with recycled paper and biodegradable materials.

The calendar size is A5, the ideal for you to find a beautiful corner to hang it at home.

Only Sundays are in red colour. We want it to be an international calendar and you can customise it with your holidays, anniversaries etc.

The Calendar is multilingual: Japanese, Catalan and English. We ship worldwide.

We wish you enjoy the Christmas preparation and the arrival of the New Year. Thank you and see you soon!

Yoko y Lluís - Taller Uraraka


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