"Gardens" in London

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Many thanks for all visitors, artists and family who suported and was involved to realize the exhibition "Gardens" and  for meeting lovely people @ such a nice space  in London, I enjoyed so so much!!

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Photos: a) Juliette's work (photography) b) Menier Gallery near by Shard & Borough Market  c) My drawing & small bags, etc d) My printing work e) Pattern illuminated f-g) Tom's work (sculpture) h) Takako's work i) Takako's ceramics and Juliette's photo at show window  j) All of us @ entrance of the Menier Gallery
from left to right: Yoko, Juliette, Kanoko (who organised the exhibition), Tom, Takako and Lluís (who designed flyer and poster).



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Winter is good time to prune the fruit trees.
Hand-made bottons of plum tree by Lluís.
 Small bag for sketch book, a book, glasses, mobile etc to take always with you.
My first drawing of 2013 by charcoal, pencil and pen.

Preparing my first group exhibition "Gardens" in London that will be coming very very soon...