2022 Uraraka Calendar

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Hi! How are you?

Here the first cold wave has arrived and we are gathered around the wood stove with a cup of very thick chocolate :) Today we present our 2022 calendar that is ready to travel, thanks to your support!

We are excited to continue this ritual of sharing the Calendar with you to welcome soon a New Year. We hope you like the new calendar and you are enjoying your winter preparations!

🍁 2022 is the year of the Tiger in Japan. Tiger is the 3rd animal of the 12 Zodiac animals. It is said to be good year for plants to grow, both roots and branches. We have our "little tiger" Kôji featured in the cover. He has joined our family recently and is in full growth. 

🍁 The cover is A5 size and the calendar measures 15 x 42cm when unfolded and hanging. It is stapled and has a hole for hanging.

🍁 Price is 17€, a Calendar+4 postcards pack is also available for 21€. Shipping not included. 

🍁 We return to the illustrations inspired by rural life in Catalonia, lovingly designed and stamped by Yoko Kataoka. Wishing you enjoy the small seasonal joys that Nature gifts us.

🍁 Original illustrations are hand-printed on linen, using the traditional Okinawan technique called Bingata which uses only natural materials and hand tools. Calendar is printed on 100% recycled paper.

🍁 Conceived as an international calendar. It only has Sundays marked in red, it is ready for you to customize! Hast little text, written in Catalan - Japanese - English.

🍁 An ideal gift to thank and wish a bright 2022 to your loved ones, lovers of Nature, rural life and Japanese culture. Of course also for yourself!

🍁 Orders up to November 28 will receive a free postcard with each calendar
 (Except the calendar + 4 postcards pack).

We will be adding new items to the store. See you soon!

Thank you very much for visiting the blog :) Take care and a big hug from us,

Taller Uraraka  
Yoko Kataoka & Lluís Xargay


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