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[spanish and japanese versions]

Today we bring special news to you.... 
Calendar 2019  is finally ready to go! 
We are grateful because this small project reaches it's 5th year.
Thank you choosing and supporting us and to keep using it !!

This autumn it rained a lot in Spain and now we have still a bright green landscape.
 I sometimes wonder if is Spring or Autumn now... 
But almost one month left of 2018 and we should get ready for welcome new year, shouldn't we?

We would like to think we are offering you an original and beautiful gift
a way to give thanks and wish Happy New Year to your loved ones or to yourself,

This is a multicultural calendar with some history behind. We prepare the calendar in our countryside house located in Garrotxa (Catalonia) It's small, craft-made, seasonal and joyful project. We are happy to be able to keep doing it and slowly growing :) thank you!

Our rustic calendar is aligned with ourour values. We fuse our hearts: Japan and Catalonia. 
From Japan we take the symbolism of the calendar (2019 is wild boar) and use a traditional and handcrafted printing technique called Bingata
While all the calendar illustrations are inspired by our rural life in Catalonia.

● It features 13 seasonal illustrations specially designed to tell you a story or a poem. We hope you will enjoy each one month to month as you turn the pages.

● It is printed on recycled paper and uses waterless ink.

● The size of opened calendar is A4, ideal size for writing down your events and easy to find a suitable place to hang at your home.

● Only Sundays are red coloured so that you can personalize it with your holidays and anniversaries.

● It's mainly visual but includes some texts translated into Catalan, English and Japanese.

It is an ideal gift with personality for that special person you have in mind: highly recommended to those with love for Japan, Nature, Arts & Crafts, Catalonia and Slow Lifestyle.

Small piece of wall hanging art in a calendar format, useful and enjoyable throughout the year.
If you love unique products and things made with special care & with heart, this is your calendar!
Also, we prepared Christmas postcards with illustrations from the Calendar Project. We hope you love them!

We hope that our calendar brings you many smiles, fresh air from forest and good vibrations into your life.
We wish you Merry Christmas holidays and 2018 full of shiny smiles!
Thank you so much for visiting our website :) with a huge hug,

Uraraka 2019 Calendar Team & Yoko Kataoka


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