11 March 2011

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去年の暮れに石巻の近くの被災地を訪ねました。もう瓦礫の山はなく、だだっ広い砂浜。枯れた松林の裾に、新しい松が鮮やかな緑で育ちゆく姿が印象的でした。そこで東北の再生と平和の願いを込めて、松のバックを作りバルセロナでの被災地支援イベントKOREKARA JAPONに出品。このイベントでは、被災地の方達が作った商品も販売しています。売上の一部が被災地に寄付されます。ぜひこの機会にお立寄りください。

3 years past after gran catastrophe, once again I pray for victims of Tsunami and their families and wishing  smile and peaceful life will be back to people who lives in affected area and people who had to leave their own place. Last year I visited the affected area of Tsunami close to Ishimaki, and it impressed me that little pine trees growing by the bottom of dead pine trees on the beach. 

So I made Pine tree bags with my best wishes for rebirth and peace to Tohoku. These bags are on sale  at the Tohoku support event KOREKARA JAPON @ Mitte Barcelona till 28th of March. Also you can get many products made by Tsunami's affected people. Please visit and come along with us!


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